Me Time in Raleigh

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Sitting outside with a friend, lingering over a cup of coffee and catching up, we were thinking of how restorative even 30 minutes can be for busy parents who are “on” 24/7. It’s become cliché (as things that are true often do) that self-care is critical, and something we all need to prioritize. Especially parents. [...]

December News at RightTime KiDS

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  Happy December RightTime KiDS Family, Every year throughout the month of December, my children and I loved to curl up and read winter and holiday themed books. We kept these away the rest of the year, creating a very special tradition of our own as we pulled these out in December. There were, of [...]

Scared of joy & success? I was, too.

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I wasn't sure I wanted to be a mom.  I didn't have anything against children, but I was career driven, selfish, and didn't feel "the tug."  Once my first child was born, and I looked into his brand new, just-arrived-on-the-planet-eyes, I was transformed.  Madly in love.  Nothing else mattered.  Almost 18 years later, I am [...]

Caring for Aging Parents…a $34 billion cost to US companies, $13.4 billion in healthcare costs

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I'm "lucky."  My parents died quickly in their late 50s.  I am not part of the sandwich generation caring simultaneously for young children and aging parents.  There are 64 million of you out there, caring for chronically ill, disabled or aging family members or friends.I cannot begin to imagine how my peers do that, and [...]