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Health & Safety

We Set the Bar on Safety

Our entire staff is subject to a nationwide background check and extensive pre-employment screening, trained in CPR and Infant & Child First Aid, and further certified by RightTime KiDS™ own comprehensive training program. Our childcare professionals are thoroughly versed in children’s issues, and most of them come to us with previous experience in the fields of childcare, child development, and education. Our team members have taken care of literally thousands of children and have provided hundreds of thousands of hours of high quality childcare. In addition, we uphold the highest standards of care and the strictest guidelines for cleanliness and safety.


The entire RightTime KiDS™ staff is dedicated to providing a clean, well cared for center. If there is ever an issue with a center’s level of cleanliness, please let a staff member know so that immediate action can be taken. Wherever possible, we use all-natural, non-toxic, child-friendly and environment-friendly cleaning agents and supplies.

Safe Door Policy

For safety and security reasons we ask that parents DO NOT OPEN the play area door without the assistance of a RightTime KiDS™ employee. For added security, a RightTime KiDS™ associate MUST escort all children into and out of the play area. ALL adults must receive permission and sign-in before entering the play area. Please note that our facilities are monitored by multiple surveillance cameras both inside and outside the building.

Photo ID Policy

A positive photo ID is required in order to pick up a child, and a child will only be released to persons designated on the registration form or in your RightTime KiDS™ profile. No exceptions.

Caregiver Ratios

Children are in good hands at RightTime KiDS™. There will always be one caregiver per every one to five children less than two years of age. For children two years old and up, there is a 10 children to one caregiver ratio. Staff is scheduled daily to exceed these minimum requirements so that the children will have more personal attention and supervision. Every RightTime KiDS™ center has staff on call in the event that more caregivers are needed.

Health & Immunization

It is RightTime KiDS’ strict policy NOT to accept children who are ill. Reasonable precautions are taken to safeguard children against illness. Your cooperation is required, so please do not ask us to care for your children when they are sick. Please do not bring in your child to RightTime KiDS™ with a cold, sore throat, rash, cough, diarrhea or pink eye. Do not bring in a child who has had a fever or has vomited in the past 24 hours. If a child becomes sick during the course of their stay with us, the child will be separated from others (within eyesight and hearing of our staff) and the parents will be contacted immediately at the emergency phone number provided. Parents will be expected to pick up the sick child in a prompt manner. RightTime KiDS™ staff has first aid training and will administer as necessary to minor cuts and bruises. In the event of a medical emergency, your child will be transported to an appropriate medical facility by the local emergency unit for treatment at the expense of the parents.

Most states require childcare facilities to have each child’s immunization records as well as a health care summary on file. Please check with your RightTime KIDS™ facility as regulations vary from state to state.

Incident Reports

Despite the training and best efforts of the RightTime KiDS™ staff, accidents and incidents will inevitably occur. Should an incident occur during your child’s stay you will receive a written “incident report.” The staff member on duty will sign the report, ask you to review it with him or her, and ask you to sign it. If you have any questions at the time of the incident, please ask for clarification.


Licensing requirements for RightTime KiDS™ vary from state to state. For additional information, please contact your local RightTime KiDS™ location.

Medications & Allergies

RightTime KiDS™ employees are unable to administer any medication with the exception of the following, to be used in life-threatening emergencies: such as EpiPens, inhalers, and insulin. Please let staff know when your child is on medication so that we may keep accurate information on file. If you have any additional questions about this policy, please ask us.

Staff Qualifications

RightTime KiDS™ staff members are childcare professionals. Before being hired, candidates are put through extensive background checks and personal interviews. Once they become RightTime KiDS™ team members, employees are certified in infant and child CPR and put through our own comprehensive training program. Our team members have taken care of literally thousands of children and have provided hundreds of thousands of hours of high quality childcare. There’s always more than one staff member working at a RightTime KiDS™ center, which means everyone has help and back up.