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Don’t Take Our Word For It!

We’d much rather you hear what our customers (parents) are saying about RightTime KiDS™.

I am very happy with your service and the staff I’ve met has been great, the fact that you made an effort to explain and to help us all be happy is also great…you take great care of the kids entrusted there and you’ve just shown how important customer service is to make sure your customers are happy, I thank you. It’s those kinds of things that will make us come back again and give great referrals for you when I can.

Thank you again,
Deborah B.

I wanted to send a small note to say “THANK YOU” for the care my son Caleb received during those days I used your facility in Morrisville. I was a first time mom, new to the area with no family or friends in site and although I needed a sitter I also was not very comfortable with having a stranger in my home and caring for my child. I decided to go another route which was your drop in childcare service and as I hesitated to go through with it my husband and I really needed a night out. I figured I would just try you out once and that one time turned into my permanent sitter option. We had a marvelous experience and the care givers there were all very kind and always remembered Caleb’s name (huge points). I have moved back to California to be closer to family and friends but did not want to forget to thank everyone for the wonderful treatment we received. Again, Thank You to everyone!!!

Charles and Leticia B.

My son and daughter were in a play last Fri. and Julie and Ruth took time out to come and see them. I understand that Jess wanted to come but she had a family emergency. Not only did they come Fri. but they helped Josh with his lines last week and they brought a gift for the kids. I was touched that they came, and it meant alot to the kids. It also reflects very well on RightTime KiDS that you hire people who really care about the kids they watch. Thank you and your wonderful staff for going out of your way to treat my kids so well.

Dave R.

I have to admit that there are times when I have absolutely no real need to bring my little Halle to RTK. But, there are days when she gets out of pre-school and begs to go there. Now, here’s the rub— we live in Durham! Halle started going to RTK when I worked in Raleigh and loves it! But, now that I’m a stay-at-home mom, it’s almost embarrassing to admit that I have driven to RTK simply so my child could “play”. To her, RTK is a playground; a place to make new friends. She loves going there to hang out and of, course, have pizza for dinner.

Now, getting back to what I do while she’s there. If I’m lucky I can find a friend and make last minute plans for dinner or shopping. But, there have been times that I’ve driven around aimlessly wondering if there is something wrong with me.

Chell S.

I get a massage once a month – so I drop Ryder (2 years old) off for a couple hours of fun while I get relaxed and re-energized!
Monique W.

Since I just purchased a new business and have gone back to work 3 days a week, I do not have the free time that I used to for my errands. Last week, I packed a lunch for my girls and dropped them at RightTime KiDS. I completed 8 errands, checked on my store, and ate lunch with my colleague. I felt accomplished and the kids had a blast. Thank you!

Kristin S.

Your news letter rocks…it’s so informative and you do a great job trying to access all types of people…that’s awesome…

Spencer did have a great time yesterday and she will be back a few times next week…

Thanks, Kelly

Hi there,

I heard you were interested in hearing about our experiences at the camps program, and I can tell you that my daughter has loved every week that she has attended. We usually do one week at one camp during every track out period, and then spend the other two in some other camp program so that it doesn’t get boring. However, this time she has asked to do two weeks at RightTime KiDS. She LOVED the museum this past week, however she really enjoyed her week playing tennis, and another week doing the sports (ice skating was the draw) week. She always asks to go back which tells me she likes it.

On another note, both my kids ages 8 and 4 literally beg us to drop them off at RightTime KiDS at least once a week. My 4 year old thinks that it should be her reward for being good at daycare! Go figure. So they must be doing something right over there!

Mandy S.

I’m a big fan of your business and just love all the regular ladies who work there. We typically go to Morrisville and the staff has been wonderful to my daughter. They are helping with potty training and everything. I am not going to sign her up for preschool because your business exists.


It really makes a difference to know I can count on you to be there (and let me know when you are available). My boys beg to come to RTK and it is a joy to see all the happy faces at pick up and drop off!


We visited your facility the Friday before Easter and just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed your facility. My children had lots of fun and the front desk staff was very friendly. This was only our second visit and we plan to visit more in the future.

Thanks! F.K.