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Try Us Out

See for Yourself What Parents Love About RTK

We know that as a responsible parent, you want to be confident that RightTime KiDS™ is a safe, clean, and enriching environment for your child. Why not experience RTK first-hand to make sure you are completely comfortable with our care centers before dropping off your child the first time?

Schedule a Private Tour

We invite you to a staff-guided tour of our care center. Contact our center to schedule your tour, and we will make sure an extra staff host is on hand to guide you through our facility while your child enjoys a complimentary hour of free play in the center.

Two Hours On Us

We are happy to offer first-time guests two hours of free childcare on your first visit, encouraging you to “try before you buy.” (Please note: “Hours” are calculated per child per hour. If you bring 2 children for 2 hours, it equals a 4 hour stay.)