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Meal Program

Hungry KiDS?

No worries! We make sure your child is fed and comfortable with convenient mealtime and snacktime options. You don’t have to worry about remembering to pack a snack or a meal for your child. Just place your order at the front desk when you check in! Please remember to bring cash for meals, since we pay the restaurants delivering directly for your order. Meals are generally about $5.50 per child.


Snacks are provided free of charge at select locations. Locations which do not provide snacks offer a healthy vending option for your convenience.  Any food allergies your child might have should be noted on your registration form and in your RightTime KiDS™ profile.


If your child’s stay overlaps with mealtime, you have the option of packing food for your child or purchasing a meal onsite. (No peanut products please!) You will be provided a menu and offered the purchased meal option at check-in. The meals are provided through RightTime KiDS™ arrangement with local restaurants. All meals must be paid for, preferably in cash, at the time of drop off. There are no exceptions to this policy. RightTime KiDS™ will accept credit cards or cash as payment for meals. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

We are Peanut-Free

RightTime KiDS™ is a peanut-free zone. Out of consideration for children with peanut allergies, we do not allow peanut products in any of our RightTime KiDS™ facilities. Please remember this when packing your child a snack or meal to bring with him/her to our center. We will not allow peanut products to be opened or consumed on the premises.