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Thanks for dropping in!

Welcome to RightTime KiDS™. We know all about drop-in.

In fact, we’re so big on the idea we built a company around professional, convenient drop-in childcare.

RightTime KiDS™ is the place for kids to spend a few hours having fun while parents run errands, relax over dinner, or enjoy a game of golf. Whatever your reason, we’re here to provide you peace of mind and your children a fun place to visit.

The best part is there are no membership fees, contracts or appointments required and we are open when you need us, including late nights and weekends. Providing flexible childcare exactly when you need it, as often as you need it. Not only that, but our meal program means you don’t have to worry about making sure your kids are fed. RightTime KiDS is the drop-in solution for all your short term or last minute childcare needs.

Drop-in care is professional, easier to arrange, and more fun for your kids than a baby-sitter without the long-term commitment or inconvenience of using a day-care to cover your short-term childcare needs. RightTime KiDS is designed specifically for short-term, pay-by-the-minute childcare, you don’t pay for hours or even minutes you don’t use (no rounding up on the length of your visit).

So drop in and see for yourself why RightTime KiDS is the busy parent’s favorite childcare choice.

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